First Documentary on Curt Morgan & Brain Farm

The first documentary on Curt Morgan and Brain Farm released recently and fans are loving it. It was created by one of the company’s biggest fans, Paolo Aralla from Bapu Film.

Words from Paolo about his documentary :

“I went to Jackson Hole to meet Curt Morgan, I was excited to meet his crew and know how it could possibly be the best production company in the world.

Curt is a super easy guy and he is an innovator, he could invent a new way to film extreme sports, I get inspiration from his movies everyday.

It was a pleasure to see where “That’s It That’s All” and “The Art of Flight” were born, I visited the equipment department, the editing room, the post production room, the cinema room where they check in 4k all the footage …was simply perfect.

One day I hope to be part of the Brain Farm team, and till that day I’m going to improve my skill and film as much I can.


– a filmmaker –

Bapu Film produces high-quality documentary content for television, the web and action sports. Our clients include Red bull media house, National Geographic, Sky sport, Mediaset, RAI, Discovery channel, Redemption choppers, Midland Radio and others. Bapu Film was founded by Paolo Aralla in 2006.

One Response to “First Documentary on Curt Morgan & Brain Farm”
  • Ryan Morris says:

    You guys are unreal!

    I’ve been spending way to much money on camera equipment since i was a kid and this month i have decided to take the game to making money.

    I look up the Brainfarm like nothing else – you are the benchmark.

    I’d love to chat with you guys one day to talk about the challenges you faced from the beginning to where you are now. Its unnerving starting a new business by my passion for photography and more recently film and sharing experiences with the world is already feeling rewarding!

    Hope you guys could even answer a few emails if you can briefly.

    Sydney, Australia.
    +61 406 581 363

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