Brain Farm lives on the cutting edge of filmmaking technology. Our studio creates and houses the most innovative tools including ShotOver, Cineflex, Phantom Flex 4K, RED Dragon, MoVi, Aerigon UAVs and more. We pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of evolving platforms, formats and resolutions.

Featured Gear


RED is a world leader in camera design and has been important to the visual success of Brain Farm. Today, the RED DRAGON is allowing Brain Farm to capture images in 6K and at the highest color quality.


Gyro-Stabilized cinematography is our game and the game has changed with ShotOver’s ultra-high performance stabilization platforms, the F1 and K1.  Brain Farm takes advantage of the ability to change cameras and lenses in our favorite gimbals.      

Kessler Crane

Kessler has always been a staple in our equipment arsenal because Kessler Crane was founded on high caliber craftsmanship. From the best jibs to motion controlled timelapse rigs, Brain Farm uses Kessler Crane products to get the technical shots that inspire.  

Maxx Digital

With our ever-increasing data output to meet higher resolutions, Brain Farm turned to Maxx Digital for superior hardware products and a 4K storage game plan that could carry across multiple productions.

Freefly Systems

From backcountry follow cam shots to choreographed commercial sequences, the MoVi M10 and M15 from Freefly Systems has enhanced our cinematic capabilities for all our shoots creating a new era of high quality, stabilized cinematography.


New to our post environment, HP Z840 Workstations and Z27x DreamColor monitors are helping provide a complete 4K solution from editorial to finishing. The HP MSL 6480 StoreEver library has been a pivotal in automating long term archival and storage of 100’s of terabytes of RAW material.

Intuitive Aerial

Longer flight times, lift capabilities, and ease of operation is critical to get the shot in challenging conditions. Intuitive Aerial has created the Aerigon, our go-to unmanned multi-rotor helicopter with a reliable and high quality design that is built for power and precision.


At Polaris making products is not just a job, it’s a way of life. That is why Brain Farm relies on the Polaris Rzr and Polaris snowmobiles to go the distance to locations and help get the shot on location.