Brain Farm Virtual Reality Skateboarding Experience

Be part of the action in the new Mountain Dew Virtual Reality Skate Experience. Take a ride down the Vegas strip with your favorite  pro skateboarders,  Paul Rodriguez, Sean Malto, and the MTN DEW skate team in  an epic virtual reality skateboarding experience.

Brain Farm and Ty Evans worked with Mountain DewFirstborn and Immersive Media to produce a unique 360/3D virtual reality experience to premiere at the Dew Tour in Brooklyn.  During the Brooklyn Dew Tour attendees were able to experience the 360 virtual reality through the new Oculus Rift DK2 headset.

In this behind the scenes video we see  what went into creating this VR experience. The 3D Go Pro camera rig was created to film 360 degrees of action and sound.  Ty Evans can be seen filming with the  unique 3D Go Pro camera rig while skating with the group, giving the viewer Ty’s perspective. Even more proprietary technology went into the final editing of the video making this an incredibly unique project to be part of.

Big thank you to Paul Rodriguez, Sean Malto, Jordan MaxhamKeelan DaddBoo JohnsonChris Colbourn, David Garcia and more!

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