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Scott Serfas hails from Vancouver and is one of the most well known photographers in the snowboarding world.   A must know name in photography today, his photographs have taken over 50 magazine covers.  Scott is also part of the Asymbol artist family a collection of artists whose work speaks to our imaginations and encourages feelings of adventure and wanderlust. In the above F-Stop, Life in Focus video, Scott talks about how he has always been drawn to the action sports lifestyle, which is a majority of his professional portfolio.  Brain Farm turned to Scott to be a main photographer on the snowboarding film,  the Art of Flight, starring Travis Rice.  “Scott is one of the most dedicated photographers in the business and always comes through with a unique perspective.  His images are very complimentary to our style of work so when it comes time to market our films we are always stoked to use his photography.  The only thing I don’t like about him is that he can grow a way better beard than me.” jokes Curt Morgan, Director of The Art of Flight.

While working on location for the Art of Flight, Scott photographed and wrote about his experiences in Alaska and Chile.

scott serfas

The Scott Serfas photo of John Jackson ‘Passing Time’ is featured on the home page of our website.  This photo was shot in Alaska while on location for an extended period of time during the filming of the Art of Flight.

scott serfas john jackson passing time

Brain Farm’s Who We Are photo on the About page was shot while in Chile.


This photo can be found on our Services page and was shot in Alaska during filming of the Art of Flight

Travis Rice

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